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Watch this video and more on PARAFlixx paranormal+

Watch this video and more on PARAFlixx paranormal+

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    "The Light never goes out and the spirits never leave."

    The Pensacola Lighthouse is now a museum and open for ghostly tours, but it was once home to the light-keepers and their families. Does their love for the light keep them in their quarters?

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  • Eternal Playtime

    "Some children's imaginary friends are not that imaginary" The DAR House of Mobile, Alabama is a historic location for weddings and dinner parties. But it was originally a house built by a sea captain for his family.

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  • Echoes of War

    "The War is over but the battle continues!" Fort Morgan and Fort Blakeley were once home to many soldiers and slaves. For some of them, it was their permanent home, as they didn’t make it out alive. Do they continue to fight amongst the battlefields in the afterlife? Second Sight Paranormal TV an...