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Second Sight Paranormal TV

Second Sight Paranormal TV

8 Episodes

"She finds them. They investigate them."

Psychic Medium Ericka Boussarhane has spent most of her life vacillating between realms of the living and the dead. Ericka and her team explore hauntings, urban legends, unsolved mysteries, true crime, and paranormal activity across the country.

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Second Sight Paranormal TV
  • The Haunting of the Malaga Inn

    Episode 1

    "There are some Spirits that never check out."

    Check-out time doesn’t seem to apply to the spirits of this haunted hotel. Second Sight Paranormal TV, and psychic medium Ericka Boussarhane, ventures down to Mobile, Alabama for a night inside the historic Malaga Inn.

    The team soon has some hear...

  • Murder and Mayhem

    Episode 2

    "Some voices still call from beyond the grave!"

    The historic red-light district of Pensacola was a place where you could find a good time. But a good time was not had for all. Many lives ended abruptly due to violence and murder.

    Could some of those souls still be wreaking havoc or maybe seek...

  • Tub of Sorrow

    Episode 3

    "The bathtub is supposed to be a place of tranquility, but not if it is haunted" Is there a poltergeist in the plumbing at this famous home?

    Known as the house of Wallis Warfield Simpson, who would go onto marry England's King Edward VIII, Second Sight Paranormal TV, and psychic medium Ericka B...

  • Ghost Keepers of the Light

    Episode 4

    "The Light never goes out and the spirits never leave."

    The Pensacola Lighthouse is now a museum and open for ghostly tours, but it was once home to the light-keepers and their families. Does their love for the light keep them in their quarters?

    Second Sight Paranormal TV and psychic medium E...

  • Eternal Playtime

    Episode 5

    "Some children's imaginary friends are not that imaginary" The DAR House of Mobile, Alabama is a historic location for weddings and dinner parties. But it was originally a house built by a sea captain for his family.

    Do they still call it home? There have been many reports of ghostly activity w...

  • Echoes of War

    Episode 6

    "The War is over but the battle continues!" Fort Morgan and Fort Blakeley were once home to many soldiers and slaves. For some of them, it was their permanent home, as they didn’t make it out alive. Do they continue to fight amongst the battlefields in the afterlife? Second Sight Paranormal TV an...

  • Bon Secour: Spirits of the River

    Episode 7

    "When the river's fog rolls out, the spirits come ashore!" The Swift-Coles House is one of the most beautiful sights of Bon Secour, Alabama but comes with a haunted history. The home was originally owned by Charles and Susan Swift, who not only had many children, but they entertained many guests....

  • Haunted Real Estate: The Uninvited

    Episode 8

    “Everyone wants to own a haunted house… until they own a haunted house.” Newly listed and underpriced, the Finch house stands out as a buyer's dream! But this picturesque Victorian home is marred with tragedy, deaths, and ghostly activity. Even after an exorcism, many believed the estate cannot b...