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Watch this video and more on PARAFlixx paranormal+

Watch this video and more on PARAFlixx paranormal+

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  • Reverend Doctor Victor Fuhrman

    Disembodied Voices welcomes Reverend Doctor Victor Fuhrman, Host-Producer of “Destination Unlimited” who is also an experiencer, spiritual counselor, poet, and author. On this episode, Victor discusses his childhood extraterrestrial craft experiences (night teachers), miracle healing, golden aur...

  • Lady Ann Selene

    Disembodied Voices welcomes Lady Ann Selene, producer of KPNL Radio, Caravan Library of Lore, and author of “The Diaries of Lady Ann: Aperture in the Veil Born in a Preternatural World.” Reiki Master, Intuitive Tarot Reader, and Vampyre Witch. She has experienced terrestrial beings, shadow entiti...

  • Anna Maria Manalo

    Disembodied Voices welcomes screenwriter and author, Anna Maria Manalo. Anna is a top-rated author of three non-fiction books found on Amazon. Her writings document various haunted accounts from people willing to come forth to share from around the world.