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The Haunted Files

The Haunted Files

1 Episode

Mike Delcoro Tech Specialist and Eric Vanderlaan Team Leader of War Party Paranormal hit the road and put their experience and knowledge to the ultimate test, documenting the paranormal findings they encounter and using the most advanced paranormal equipment available. New innovative tests, experiments and techniques such as the DELCO Experiment are featured.

Mike & Eric are known for hosting public Ghost Hunting Events and conducting residential cases, even hosting their teams' own radio show. The Haunted Files will deliver a series of episodes investigating different locations from all over by seasoned paranormal investigators.

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The Haunted Files
  • The Extremely Haunted Last Chance Saloon

    Episode 1

    Could this be one of the most Haunted Bars? Mike and Eric bring us along on their paranormal investigation of a haunted Florida bar "The Last Chance Saloon.”

    The Haunted Files uncover some unexplained findings at this Florida landmark. You can make your own decision on what's going on at this lo...