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We Want To Believe

We Want To Believe

9 Episodes

We Want to Believe is a paranormal documentary series that takes an un-Hollywood approach to the pseudo-science of paranormal investigation. Episodes chronicle investigations by writer/director/investigator Jason Hewlett, paranormal investigator Peter Renn and their Canadian Paranormal Society team as they tackle hauntings, spectral encounters, Bigfoot, UFO sightings, and other high strangeness, No false evidence, no camera tricks or special effects— this is the real deal; what you see is raw and intact.

We Want To Believe
  • The Barn and The Doll House

    Episode 1

    The We Want to Believe team is invited to a re-modeled barn where the owner experiences an unusual haunting; droplets of water are appearing on the property, and on her. And the phenomenon has begun to follow her wherever she goes!

    Then the team heads to Merritt and the very definition of a Cre...

  • The Hunt For Bigfoot

    Episode 2

    When you’re a paranormal investigation show filming smack dab in the middle of Bigfoot country, it makes sense to go on a Bigfoot hunt. And that’s exactly what the We Want to Believe team do, traveling to various locations in the Interior of Supernatural British Columbia. They are aided in their ...

  • The Haunted Village

    Episode 3

    On a cold, wintery weekend before Halloween, the We Want to Believe team is invited to explore the
    Village of Ashcroft in the Interior of British Columbia, Canada. Led on a tour of haunted locations, the investigators not only learn about the community’s spooky history, but find themselves commu...

  • Haunted Objects

    Episode 4

    Lead investigator Peter Renn invites the We Want to Believe team over to investigate a series of haunted objects in his new home. Among these items are dolls rumored to move about on their own, a mirror that creates sinister occurrences in whatever home it occupies, and the ashes of a murderer.

  • The Staircase and Mandy the Haunted Doll

    Episode 5

    The We Want to Believe team is called to a heritage home where the owners are experiencing all manner of paranormal activity, from a ghostly presence to disembodied voices. Most of the phenomena occurs on the main staircase, where some people have claimed to be touched or even pushed.

    Then, an ...

  • The Woods

    Episode 6

    In the later half of 2020, the We Want to Believe team embarked on a series of Bigfoot hunts; their quest for evidence took them into dense woods, and to a remote lake. Although they didn’t encounter anything that could point to a Sasquatch, Peter led the team in an impromptu Spirit Box session. ...

  • The Ranch

    Episode 7

    Historic O’Keefe Ranch is one of the oldest ranches in Canada, and if you’re to believe the stories, there’s more roaming the range than cattle. Stories that the ranch is haunted are widespread. The spirit of one of the O’Keefe children, Faber, who died at a young age, is rumored to prowl the man...

  • The Haunted Theatre

    Episode 8

    They call him Albert, and his presence in the Sagebrush Theatre has been well documented over the years. The hauntings began in 1939, after several graves in a local cemetery were excavated and the bodies moved so the theatre could be built. Since then, the spirit of a man has been seen throughou...

  • The Ghosts of Barkerville

    Episode 9

    Following their paranormal road trip to investigate Mandy the Haunted Doll, the We Want to Believe team visits the historic gold rush town of Barkerville, which is believed to be a hot spot for ghost sightings and hauntings.

    There are more than 125 buildings at the former mining town, and if yo...