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Watch this video and more on PARAFlixx paranormal+

Watch this video and more on PARAFlixx paranormal+

The OBE Show

Living Life Between Lives with Scott De Tamble (Preview Trailer)

Season 1, Episode 6 , ,

Up Next in Season 1

  • What About White Magic With Patti Neg...

    Join host Jonathan Womack and White Magic practitioner, Patti Negri, for a fun filled hour of simple, magical practices that can improve your happiness. From discussing her Turkish roots, to the metaphysical benefits of washing your hands, to the mystical taboo of the astral. Patti shares stories...

  • There Were Giants In The Earth (Trailer)

    In the fall of 1965, 6 year-old, Jonathan Womack was scared to death, triggering his first OBE and opening the door to 5 decades of paranormal exploration. Using 3D animation, Jonathan shares the day his life forever changed, and offers takeaways and tips for inducing your own, controlled OBE.

  • The Subtle Body Part 1 (Trailer)

    Join us for a journey through the many layers of the human aura with esoteric teacher, Georgia Lambert.

    In part 1 of a 2-part episode, esoteric teacher, Georgia Lambert, presents a concise overview of the human aura and its many layers and functions based on her five decades of studies and teach...