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Watch this video and more on PARAFlixx paranormal+

Watch this video and more on PARAFlixx paranormal+

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  • Graestone Manor

    Graestone Manor Bed is a large Victorian mansion that was built in 1865.
    Guests of the B&B report hearing the sounds of horse hooves and a carriage, as well as a man's voice and whistling. The ghost of a woman has been seen and caught on film looking out of the window at people. An uncomfort...

  • Hinsdale House

    With legends of a ‘hanging tree’, a small pond that has claimed at least one life, and hills that are said to hold the graves of countless Indigenous American people many believe that the Hinsdale House may be the most haunted house in Western New York. Reports from staff and visitors over the ye...

  • Bergen House Part One

    Built in 1858, the ‘Bergen House’ has a long and sinister history. The triangle shaped property is allegedly haunted by a lady walking up the long driveway, a figure standing in the top of the barn, a figure standing outside looking into the house, disembodied voices, growls and shadows. Upstairs...