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TEPS Investigates

TEPS Investigates

3 Episodes

Join TEPS Investigates as they travel to a variety of haunted locations in search of life beyond death. Each place reveals a little more of the mystery they hold. The investigation team will use a variety of methods, plus over 30 years of ghost-hunting experience to explore these unique locations.

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TEPS Investigates
  • Kelly Farm

    Episode 3

    TEPS and Black Mass Paranormal investigate the Kelly Farmhouse in Kodak, Tennessee. This historic Farmhouse dates back to 1917. Many people have reported drops in temperature, a child ghost, and even the voice of a female spirit. However, there have also been reports of something uneasy. Somethin...

  • Pleasant Hill Investigates

    Episode 1

    TEPS Investigates Pleasant Hill in Bristol, Virginia, a historic home dating back to the 1800's. But does this recently remodeled bed and breakfast have more than just history?

  • Eaton House

    Episode 2

    TEPS Investigates the multi-generational family home of the Eatons deep in the Appalachians mountains. The mystery deepens as this home starts to give up it's secrets.