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Super Mega Trivia Slam

Super Mega Trivia Slam

3 Episodes

Test your Horror Movie Trivia as your host Steve Strangio guides you through some fast-paced, and slightly wacky, trivia question rounds. Have fun, test your knowledge, and keep your own score!

Super Mega Trivia Slam, the show that will challenge your knowledge of horror movie trivia. Your host Steve Strangio will guide you through many different styles of trivia rounds, while entertaining the hell outta ya! No scoring apps are needed, because you keep your own score, while playing along with whomever is in the room with you.

Super Mega Trivia Slam
  • The Return Of Steve!

    Episode 1

    Steve Strangio returns with a brand new take on the whole trivia show thing. As always, shout out the answers and keep your own score!

  • Attack Of The Movies!

    Episode 2

    Your host, Steve Strangio, challenges you with six rounds of multiple choice questions all based on the wildest movies out there. Then, just when you thought it was safe, get ready for the rapid fire round!

  • Invasion of Smodcastle!

    Episode 3

    Steve Strangio and Super Mega Trivia Slam launch an invasion into Kevin Smith's SmodCastle located just a few doors down from Quick Stop where they filmed "Clerks." Steve blasts through six rounds of wild trivia and then roars through a Rapid Fire Round!