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Roadside Ministries

Roadside Ministries

7 Episodes

Series host, Mark Maki, travels to churches in Michigan and beyond to bring viewers meaningful, courageous and hard-hitting messages from preachers, youth ministers and motivational speakers. Mark's aim is to inspire others to seek out Christ, to motivate Christians in their daily walks, and to help people look at life with fresh perspectives in the hope that it will positively inspire them.

Roadside Ministries
  • Point-blank and Simple

    Episode 1

    Mark brings on his father, Alan Maki, to speak about the road he traveled 52 years ago that changed his life forever.

  • Being Creative

    Episode 2

    Guest speaker, Redford Maust, discusses the similarities between mankind and our grand Creator.

  • First Zombie Apocalypse

    Episode 3

    Pastor Brian Jones reflects on something remarkable: A Biblical event that led to the first ever walking dead.

  • Words Matter

    Episode 4

    Pastor Scott Winstead discusses how words can build someone up or break them down.

  • Guinness World Record

    Episode 5

    Returning guest speaker, Alan Maki, recounts an unbelievable story of grit, perseverance and complete trust in the Lord. May this true tale inspire you in whatever you do!

  • What's Real?

    Episode 6

    Redford Maust makes his second appearance to discuss something significant: what’s reality versus what’s fiction.

  • Fast Food

    Episode 7

    Pastor Brian Jones revisits with a crucial message for anyone who’s given up on the church.