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Project Paranormal

Project Paranormal

9 Episodes

For their series debut, Project Paranormal embarks on an epic journey to investigate unbelievable locations. Take a walk back in time on the blood soaked ground of the civil war and down the halls of a prison with a disturbing past. Watch as the crew explores through cursed land in deep woods, and interrogates a spirit torturing a family home. With the help of modern technology and innovative techniques, the team is able to capture ground breaking evidence of more than life after death, but all things paranormal.

Project Paranormal
  • Graffiti House When Soldiers Speak

    Episode 1

    Project Paranormal investigates a prosperous yet sinister time in American history; the Civil War. Capturing revolutionary proof that the dead can observe our reality, even after 150 years.

  • The Fauquier Jail

    Episode 2

    Project Paranormal heads to their hometown to visit an infamous jail with timeless secrets. Join the team as they discover if the rumors of these haunted jail cells are true.

  • Ramblewood Manor Part 1

    Episode 3

    Project Paranormal teams up with fellow investigators, Legendary Earth, to tackle an ominous presence residing in an old, decrepit mansion. The teams anticipated an encounter with the spirits that had once resided there, however, it becomes clear the house has other intentions.

  • Ramblewood Manor Part 2

    Episode 4

    Project Paranormal and Legendary Earth continue their investigation of this once beautiful estate. See what happens when a family haunting takes a dark and sinister turn. Will this corrupt entity manifest its’ true intentions?

  • Haunted House

    Episode 5

    Project Paranormal gets a call from a desperate homeowner being plagued by an unseen force. The team investigates what may be a decade long attachment that has caused this bewildered family to relocate over 3 times.

  • Octagon Mansion

    Episode 6

    Project Paranormal travels all the way to Wytheville, Virginia to investigate a privately owned history museum known as The Octagon Mansion. The owner, John Cushman, explains that not only do the antiquities in this mansion hold spiritual attachments, but the house itself has acquired a haunting ...

  • Cabin In The Woods Part 1

    Episode 7

    The team heads down south to investigate three locations on a single property with a foul and despicable past. The owners, Dennis and Ryan, warn the team of a malevolent presence inside one of the houses that seems inhuman. This leaves the team on edge, knowing they will be sleeping with this mal...

  • Cabin In The Woods Part 2

    Episode 8

    After a long and suspenseful first night, Project Paranormal receives a phone call from an unlikely source. The owners inform the team that someone, who has been directly affected by this entity before, felt a sudden urge to come to the house and asked to join the investigation. The team learns t...

  • Cabin In The Woods Part 3

    Episode 9

    Project Paranormal and guests Kameron and Dalton have given this hellish being a name: Witch. After provocation and taunting, the team captures compelling evidence of the Witch’s presence and its’ eagerness for them to leave. After the immense commotion in the house, the team moves to the final l...