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Our Paranormal Journey

Our Paranormal Journey

2 Episodes

A Journey through paranormal research, consciousness and spiritual awakening, featuring Nathan Hopwood and Mike Minigh.

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Our Paranormal Journey
  • The Haunted Rock Island YMCA

    Episode 1

    Nate Hopwood and Mike Minigh begin their paranormal journey and travel to Rock Island, Illinois to the Haunted YMCA. They called in some friends to help with the investigation— Special guests Nick Simons and Aaron G Thompson from ‘28 Days Haunted.’ And Nikki Wilson from ANNIK PARANORMAL also come...

  • Old Baraboo Inn

    Episode 2

    In honor of the late BC Farr, who was unexpectedly passed away earlier this year, the guys travel to The Old Baraboo Inn in Baraboo, Wisconsin to investigate the hauntings of the old bar and brothel.

    They have special guests Psychic Medium Scotty Rorek and paranormal group Two Halves and Nicole....