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On The Trail Of Undiscovered Beasts

On The Trail Of Undiscovered Beasts

2 Episodes

The Cryptids, Anomalies, and the Paranormal Society (CAPS) Team travels from one end of their home state of Wisconsin to the other in search of stories, evidence and Sasquatch itself.

On The Trail Of Undiscovered Beasts
  • Bigfoot in Wisconsin

    Episode 1

    After hearing tales of mysterious creatures roaming the woods outside of Burlington Wisconsin, Barnaby and Derek venture down to investigate. They have an experience with something large that sparks the formation of the CAPS Team, and their first investigations into Bigfoot in Burlington Wisconsin.

  • The Rhinelander Howls

    Episode 2

    A series of unknown howls are recorded in Rhinelander Wisconsin, and the CAPS team heads out to investigate-- What they get is an encounter that they will never forget.