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Maritime Haunting

Maritime Haunting

7 Episodes

A new exclusive docuseries which explores local folklore and ghost stories from Atlantic Canada with local author and storyteller Steve Vernon.

Through researching each location, Steve and the team immerse in these stories, all while they reach out to communicate with the voices of the past.

Maritime Haunting
  • The Ghosts of White Point Beach Resort

    Episode 1

    Our team travels to White Point, Nova Scotia, in search of the 3 ghosts said to haunt the White Point Beach Resort, as told by author Steve Vernon.

  • Sister Annie and the Randall House Museum

    Episode 2

    The Randall House Museum in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, is said to be home to many spirits including some of its previous owners.

    The team travels to Wolfville to see just who is residing at this landmark location.

  • The Ghost of Haddon Hall

    Episode 3

    Author Steve Vernon tells of the ghosts that once haunted the Haddon Hall Inn, located in Chester, Nova Scotia.

    Nearby, the team investigates the site of a murder and reaches out to the ghost of the victim.

  • The Lady in the Mist

    Episode 4

    Shipwrecks and ghost stories are a part of the culture of many small towns along the shores of Nova Scotia.

    The team heads to Three Fathom Harbour and West Lawrencetown to investigate one such tale.

  • The Grey Lady of Seaforth

    Episode 5

    This story, as told by author Steve Vernon, truly depicts the tragedy that often occurs in many fishing communities along the shores of Nova Scotia.

    And as the team discovers, the story has deep connections to the small town of Seaforth.

  • The Lonely Lady of the Acadia Seminary

    Episode 6

    The team investigates a ghost story that has been told for decades at Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova

    By uncovering the truth, the team helps bring closure to the often-misunderstood tale of “Connie”.

  • The Lonely Ghosts of Roxbury

    Episode 7

    The team investigates a small, abandoned settlement that once thrived in the deep woods of Nova Scotia.

    Nature has reclaimed most of the community, with only a few rock structures and the cemeteries remaining as proof of what once was. But have all the spirits moved on?