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Lindsey Paranormal

Lindsey Paranormal

3 Episodes

A series following the adventures, travel and paranormal investigations of Lindsey Cennamo.

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Lindsey Paranormal
  • The 1858 House

    Episode 1

    The 1858 Garnett house hotel has a very colorful past. This house served as many different things, such as a doctors office, school house, jail, photography studio, brothel and a sacred spot for the native Americans. The mix of energies within the walls creates one of the most haunted locations L...

  • The Lady In Red

    Episode 2

    The Mizpah Hotel is a historic gem located in Tonopah Nevada. The Mizpah is known to be haunted by “the lady in red”. There are several different stories behind this haunting, some stating that she was killed by an ex-lover or a client, as she was a prostitute. Either way, the stories all tell th...

  • The Overland

    Episode 3

    The Overland is a time capsule of a hotel located in the small town of Pioche, Nevada. It has over time operated as a hotel, brothel, gambling house, boarding house, grocery store, bowling alley and restaurant. After burning down in a fire, it was rebuilt to look the way it does today in 1946.