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Haunted Down Under

Haunted Down Under

2 Seasons

A group of women investigate the hauntings of Australia. No method of communication is off limits, with the team using all types of equipment from thermal and SLS cameras, to Ouija boards. The group often embarks on challenges, such as solo missions to make contact with the dead, alone and in the dark.

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Haunted Down Under
  • Boggo Road Gaol

    Episode 1

    Haunted Down Under are taken on a historical tour and explore Brisbane's Boggo Road Gaol.

  • Moyra's House

    Episode 2

    Down Under explores the well known abandoned house - Moyra's house. The team did not expect what they faced when they entered the location.

  • Ernest Junction Tunnel

    Episode 3

    The team investigates claims of hauntings and satanic worship at the Ernest Junction Tunnel, but the night takes an unexpected turn.

  • Royal Bulls Head Inn

    Episode 4

    Haunted Down Under investigates the hauntings of The Royal Bulls Head Inn. Celine faces the challenge of investigating alone. They use a spirit writing board to communicate with the spirits that remain.

  • The Star Hotel

    Episode 5

    The Star Hotel has many tales of dark paranormal encounters, and Haunted Down Under decides to investigate these claims for themselves. Not long into the night, the team notices Caitlin is particularly affected.

  • The Historic Rivermill

    Episode 7

    The team return to The Historic Rivermill where Celine is sent on her own to investigate the church located on the property. Hailey and Caitlin return to the attic, where previously rocks have been thrown at the team. During a walk through of the restaurant, Nadine and Celine appear to capture an...

  • The Old Beechworth Gaol

    Episode 6

    Haunted Down Under explores the Old Beechworth Gaol. Nadine is sent to investigate on her own, whilst Celine is faced with a troubling situation.

  • Mount Carmel Convent

    Episode 8

    The team investigates the Mount Carmel Convent where Nadine and Hailey investigate the upstairs dormitory to see if there's anything lurking in the darkness. Meanwhile, Caitlin and Celine find more than they were expecting in the old corridors.