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Expedition Entity

Expedition Entity

3 Seasons

Follow paranormal investigators Dan Norvell and Larry Eissler as they lead their team to some of the American Midwest’s lesser-known most haunted locations. Combining old school investigation methods with modern technology, Expedition Entity strives to show that even the smallest location can still be haunted.

Expedition Entity
  • Sledgehammers

    Episode 1

    The Expedition Entity team travels to Sledgehammers, an Oregon, Illinois bar, where rumor has it a
    young boy drowned in the silo. Joined by Steve Bartel, of Bartel and Henson Paranormal, and building
    owner Jason Stombaugh, the team investigates the silo and gets a response none of them were exp...

  • Oregon Public Library

    Episode 2

    The Expedition Entity team returns to Oregon, Illinois to investigate the Oregon Public Library, a location
    that has been experiencing phantom footsteps, voices, and shadowy figures moving in the dark. Joined
    by Dan’s daughter Lexi Norvell, and librarian Richard Pulfer, the team discovers a new...

  • Veterans Memorial Hall

    Episode 3

    The Expedition Entity team travels back to Veterans Memorial Hall in Rockford, Illinois to investigate one
    of their favorite locations. In the time since the team’s last visit, the building has seen an increase in activity with new reports of voices and shadow figures. For this visit, the team i...

  • The Egyptian Theatre

    Episode 4

    The Expedition Entity team travels to Dekalb, Illinois to investigate the haunted Egyptian Theater, a location that hosts the spirits of past patrons. While investigating, the team is joined by Executive Director Alex Nerad, Marketing Director Jeanine Holcomb, and intern Cass Kamp who experience ...

  • Hanging Bride Bridge

    Episode 5

    The Expedition Entity team travels to rural Boone County to visit the site of a rumored suicide in the mid-1900s— The Hanging Bride Bridge. Joined by Jen Gill and Laura Konke of The Wisconsin Files, the team encounters a truly tragic spirit who has a massive effect on Dan during the investigation.

  • Tinker Swiss Cottage

    Episode 6

    Returning to one of their favorite spots to end the season, Expedition Entity travels to Rockford, Illinois
    to investigate the haunted Tinker Swiss Cottage.

    A previous investigation on the television show “Ghost
    Hunters,” the Tinker Swiss Cottage continues to be one of the most haunted locati...