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Expedition Entity

Expedition Entity

3 Seasons

Follow paranormal investigators Dan Norvell and Larry Eissler as they lead their team to some of the American Midwest’s lesser-known most haunted locations. Combining old school investigation methods with modern technology, Expedition Entity strives to show that even the smallest location can still be haunted.

Expedition Entity
  • Veterans Memorial Hall

    Episode 1

    Dan and the team travel to the haunted Veterans Memorial Hall, a museum in Rockford, Illinois known for the spirits of departed soldiers who wander the halls. Dan conducts his first solo session on the 3rd floor and feels the presence of a spirit outside the door.

  • Maple Cemetery

    Episode 2

    Dan and Larry return to one of their favorite locations, the haunted Maple Cemetery in Kirkland, Illinois. During their previous investigations, they’ve captured a thermal anomaly, a photo of a black mist, and numerous SB7 responses.

    For this investigation, Dan and Larry break out their new Pha...

  • Conover Square Mall

    Episode 3

    Dan and the team travel to Oregon, Illinois to investigate an antique mall that was once an abandoned piano factory. During their investigation, Dan encounters a shadow walking through the attic as Steve reads off a chilling response from the Ovilus.

  • The Black Hawk War Part 1

    Episode 4

    Dan and Larry travel to Stillman Valley, Illinois to investigate the first battle site from the Black Hawk War of 1832. During their investigation, Dan gets numerous confirmations from Captain Adams that three spirits are still stuck on the grounds.

  • The Black Hawk War Part 2

    Episode 5

    Dan and Larry travel to Kent, Illinois to investigate the last Illinois skirmish between the British Band and the United States government. During their investigation, Dan gets confirmation that a familiar spirit has visited the battle site.

  • Brodhead Manor

    Episode 6

    In this season 1 finale, Dan and Larry travel to Brodhead, Wisconsin and investigate Brodhead Manor, a haunted abandoned middle school and haunted house.

    During their investigation, Dan and the building owner Bill simultaneously feel a chill. Meanwhile, Larry’s microphones stop recording and th...