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Dead October Paranormal

Dead October Paranormal

8 Episodes

Dead October Paranormal featuring Castle Cage, Jonathan Martinez, and Joseph Bernal travel to extreme haunted locations to discover what may exist there— no matter how dark it may be.

Dead October Paranormal
  • The Ashmore Estates

    Episode 2

    Dead October Paranormal puts their stamp on Ashmore Estates.

  • Bobby Mackey’s

    Episode 1

    Dead October Paranormal investigates Bobby Mackey’s Music World and experience extreme paranormal activity and unexplained incidents during the weeks following the investigation.

  • The Sallie House Investigation

    Episode 3

    Dead October Paranormal travels to one of the most iconic haunted locations, nestled in the middle of Atchison Kansas. Stories of The Sallie House Poltergeist continue to plague those that visit the location still today. No man can set foot in this house without a demonic presence targeting them,...

  • Wyoming Frontier Penitentiary

    Episode 4

    The evil presence of Wyoming’s sadistic murderer, Andrew Pixley, lingers over Wyoming State Frontier Prison in Rawlins, Wyoming. Dead October Paranormal needs answers to these grueling crimes that were committed nearly 70 years ago. Within these concrete walls lives an evil presence.

  • Malvern Manor The Return

    Episode 5

    Dead October Paranormal returns to Malvern Manor to face a sinister entity which has tormented them for years.

  • The Historic Windsor Hotel

    Episode 6

    The Historic Windsor Hotel is one of Colorado’s haunted hidden gems. Even the electrical geniuses Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison and his son frequented the now bed and breakfast.

    Dead October Paranormal investigates their electrical signatures fueling this ominous haunting at The Historic Winds...

  • The Whispers Estate

    Episode 7

    Dead October Paranormal discovers a dark secret and the Whispers Estate comes alive.

    The Dead October Paranormal Crew is severed from the outside world to find out that the entity haunting this location is pure evil.

  • Cripple Creek’s Outlaw and Lawmen Museum

    Episode 8

    Cripple Creek— one of the first locations to draw in the Dead October crew never disappoints. Rich in history, tragedy and lore, Cripple Creek continues to produce compelling evidence.

    Residual and intelligent energy resides in the jail creating a dynamite amount of evidence.