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Dark Echoes Paranormal

Dark Echoes Paranormal

3 Episodes

Are you a fan of all things mysterious and supernatural? Do you find yourself drawn to the unexplained and the unknown? If so, then Dark Echoes Paranormal is the show for you!

Join us as we explore the world of the paranormal, delving into haunted locations, mysterious phenomena, and chilling tales of the unknown. Our team of investigators will take you on a thrilling journey to uncover the truth behind some of the most intriguing paranormal mysteries.

With a perfect blend of suspense, intrigue, and heart-pounding moments, Dark Echoes Paranormal will keep you on the edge of your seat as we uncover the dark secrets that lie just beneath the surface. So grab a seat, turn off the lights, and prepare for a spine-tingling adventure into the world of the supernatural.

Don't miss out on the chance to experience the thrill of Dark Echoes Paranormal – tune in and join us as we uncover the mysteries that lurk in the shadows.

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Dark Echoes Paranormal
  • Concord’s Colonial Inn

    Episode 1

    Dark Echoes Paranormal venture to Concord's Colonial Inn, a Massachusetts gem steeped in history. Dating back to 1716, this inn has played a pivotal role in American history, from the first battle of the Revolutionary War, to hosting renowned scholars and authors.

    Do the ghosts of the past stil...

  • General Stanton Inn

    Episode 2

    Dark Echoes Paranormal crew make their way to the General Stanton Inn in Charlestown, Rhode Island.

    The historic General Stanton Inn— situated on land granted to Joseph Stanton for saving a Native American princess. It boasts many secrets and stories, including hosting pre-Revolutionary War meet...

  • Twisted Vine

    Episode 3

    Dark Echoes paranormal, a team of experienced paranormal investigators, venture to the Twisted Vine restaurant in Derby, CT to uncover any supernatural activity that may be lurking within its’ walls.

    Accompanied by guest medium Shannon Collins and special guest Jaclyn Laren, the team is prepare...