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Apex Chronicles

Apex Chronicles

2 Seasons

What started out as 3 friends driven to interact with the non-living has quickly become a team of 6 individuals taking on the world of the paranormal. In just 5 years, Apex Paranormal has made their mark throughout the Midwest, and working towards blowing their passion for the paranormal, the history, and the locations out of the water. Apex Chronicles, a series created to showcase some of the most haunted locations the team has ever investigated; their unique approaches to communicating with the other side and attempts to debunk the natural from the supernatural, pushes the team to dig deeper into their fears to uncover the truth about what really haunts America.

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Apex Chronicles
  • Monroe House

    Episode 1

    On the series pilot of Apex Chronicles, the Monroe House located in Hartford, Indiana has the Apex team on edge as intense spirit activity mounts throughout the investigation. The presence of human bones found on the property along with poltergeist activity and spirit oppression have the team mem...

  • U.S.S. Edson

    Episode 2

    The Apex Chronicles team travels to Bay City, MI to board the USS Edson. A Vietnam-era destroyer known as the grey ghost, the ship has a historic past serving in battle and as a makeshift command post during the 9/11 terror attacks. In this investigation, it is quite evident that the ships dedica...

  • Vaile Mansion

    Episode 3

    The Vaile Mansion in Independence, MO is host to many urban legends and unsolved mysteries. The Apex team attempts to unravel history from the haunted lore of this property. Dark shadow apparitions and the untimely passing of Sophia Vaile, along with restless spirits prove to be more than legend.

  • 1858 Garnett House Hotel

    Episode 4

    The Apex team truly steps back in time as they investigate the 1858 Garnett House Hotel located in Garnett, KS. The spirits of the old west prove to be quite interactive after a session involving Native American chanting. Later in the investigation it's quite apparent the cowboy spirits and maybe...

  • Beattie Mansion

    Episode 5

    Apex Paranormal returns to the Beattie Mansion in St Joseph, MO, the site of some of their most intense investigations, for a new shocking discovery. The hauntings of Beattie Mansion have been documented by many experienced paranormal teams who were unable to complete their investigations because...